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HDC-411 Emerson Humidifier Replacement Filter (2-pack)

HDC-411 Emerson Humidifier Replacement Filter (2-pack)
Price Each: $7.98

Emerson humidifier wick replacement filters with antimicrobial agent!

  • Fits Emerson humidifier models HD1205, HD1211, HD12050, HD12110, HD12111, HD2412, HD24120, and HD24121. (HD2412, HD24120, and HD24121 requires 4 filters).

  • 2 filters per box.

  • Measures approximately 6 3/8" x 11" x 2".

  • Patented rigid support long-lasting design.

  • For optimum performance, replace filter twice a season.

Easy Replacement Instructions
Item Number: UFE2R=UEM=2