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Welcome to Allergy Filter Depot. We offer high quality air filters with some of the best Merv ratings available on the market. Use the filter finder above to search our extensive list of standard filter sizes that we have available.  Most replacement furnace filters come in a choice of Merv ratings, we only offer Merv 13, Merv 11 and Merv 8 furnace filters due to their superior filtration.

Allergy Filter Depot offers a wide choice of sizes of Accumulair air conditioning filters and heater filters and Filtrete air filters.  Using the filter finder above choose your home air filter size to search all of our air filters such as the popular Accumulair heater filter line and 3M furnace filter line.  From your search results choose which filter you want add it to your cart and checkout.  The 3m Filtrete filter ( Merv 11 Ultra Allergen ) is 1 Inch thick and comes in 29 standard sizes and the Accumulair Electrostatic air filter ( Merv 13 Diamond and Merv 11 Platinum ) comes in a thickness of 1,2,4,and 6 inches and comes in 150 standard sizes.  With over 150 standard sizes you should be able to find just the right furnace filter size for your HAVC or air conditioning system.  Please be careful to select the proper replacement furnace filter size filter when ordering.  Home air filters sometimes come in both an actual size and some are slightly smaller then the stated size. If in doubt it is sometimes best to measure your current furnace filter to check its size.  About furnace air filter Merv ratings.  We strive to carry high quality filters with superior filtration.  Merv measures how small of a particle can be filtered out of the air, the higher the merv number the better the filtration. 3M Furnace filters are also measured in MPR.

Accumulair air filters and Filtrete air filters come in a wide variety of sizes and Merv ratings and offer some of the best filtration offered in an electrostatic furnace filter.  We have chosen the Filtrete air filter and Accumulair air conditioning filter because of their ridged construction and wide size availability.  The Accumulair replacement filter and the 3M Filtrete air filter are usually changed about every 3 months depending on your current homes environment.  Pets or excessive dust may reduce the time and your furnace filters may have to be changed on a more frequent basis.  Please enjoy our store.

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Get the best air conditioner for your home

With the hot and sultry heat of the summer days setting in, in the tropical areas, a must have these days is an air conditioner. However for an air conditioner to function properly what needs to kept in check from time to time is the Air Conditioner Filter. Every time you switch on the air conditioner the amount of cool purified air which will be circulated within the room depends on the efficiency of the Air Conditioner Filters. The function of the AC Filters is to filter out the dust particles which might have accumulated in the machine and then release the dust free air into the room. Thus the air that comes out of the air conditioner is pure and clean and will not cause any discomfort.

Why the air filter and where to get it from?

Since the role of the Air Conditioning Filter is such an important one it goes without saying that the filter that you put in your A/C matters a lot. It is advisable thus to buy it from a good and recommended place. The best place to shop for Air Conditioning Filters is the internet. Here you will get filters of various varieties and the types which will be suitable for your use. The Air Filters For House mainly comes in four kinds of widths- one of 1inch, the next one of 2 inches, the third one of 4inches and the fourth one of 6inches. Depending on the size of the room and the air conditioning machine the type and width of the Home Air Filter will matter. It is best to know what is it that you actually require and then go and Shop Air Filter. To get the Best Air Filter you need to purchase it from a place which is reliable and will provide you with a guarantee period. An Electrostatic Air Filter is a very good choice which will provide you with fine results. Thus one must very carefully chose and then buy a Filters AC or a Filters Air Conditioner.

The use of furnaces and the need for filters

In the colder parts of the world in order to keep one’s self warm one will have to install a furnace in their home. The importance of the Furnace Air Filter is similar to the air filters of an A/C. Go online and look for various Furnace Air Filters and then select that particular size of all the Furnace Filter Sizes which you think will be best suited for you. The 3m Furnace Filters are very effective and they will keep your room for long hours. Air Filters Furnace are not at all hard to find and you will be spoilt for choices. It is just that you need to pick the Best Furnace Filter for your home. To select the right Furnace Filters Size you can also browse through the various Furnace Filter Ratings given in the website.

So go through all the options available for you carefully and then pick one for this a product which will give you services for a long time.